Thursday, August 30, 2007


According to Deborah Haynes of the London Times (hat tip: Vasko Kohlmayer) the Democrats' defeatism is having its desired effect:
US troops have had some success in winning the confidence of members of the community by pushing out into previously unexplored neighbourhoods as part of President Bush’s surge plan.

However, many Iraqis refuse to believe that the American presence will stay for very long.

These people remain fearful of offering up tips on where they know insurgents have placed roadside bombs because they fear being killed once the US troops leave.

“I cannot help the coalition because I worry that the soldiers will leave and the terrorists will come back to kill me,” said Mokdat Ahmed Shahib, a 40-year-old security guard in the village.

Do you understand that? All the noise made by Jean-Francois Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Carl Levin is frightening the honest, hardworking, suffering Iraqis who want to help us and help themselves.

The most important task of counterinsurgency operations is winning the confidence of the people. The Democrats are making it more difficult for our troops to achieve that. The Democrats are making it easier for the enemy to kill our troops.

As Kohlmayer puts it
We can only imagine how much further along we could have been in the war on terror had the Democrats joined in the effort instead of sabotaging it. For one thing, we would have long ago won the ‘hearts and minds' of those like Mokdat Ahmed Shahib who would not be afraid to offer up potentially life-saving intelligence, because they are afraid we may cut and run. Likewise, vacillating states would flock to our cause. We had no shortage of allies during the Reagan years when America conveyed an image of power, confidence and victory. Everybody wanted to be our friend then and understandably so.

Not so today, which is no surprise in light of Democrats' unrelenting defeatism. Before the surge had even properly begun, Harry Reid, America's most powerful elected democrat, rushed to the microphones and pronounced it a failure in front of the whole world. Who in their right mind would want to ally themselves with losers?

If we succeed in Iraq, it will be despite the democrats' best efforts. Those who care for this country can only hope that the American people will not forget their treachery and hold them responsible for the steep costs their actions have incurred.
In plain language, the Democrats are providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Their public pronouncements of defeat and failure are providing the enemy with valuable propaganda and psychological warfare ammunition.

In wartime.

That is treason.

But let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe it isn't treason. But let's let a jury decide. I think in all fairness, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, and Levin should be duly charged with treason and given a fair trial.


Unknown said...

The Democrats like to believe that their words don't have any consequences, that they cannot be heard in Iraq. But the truth is that the terrorists do hear these words and are encouraged by them. I know the left doesn't want to believe it but they are aiding and giving comfort to the enemy.

Reliapundit said...

i got a suggestion:

we should demand that all the dem congressmen/senators who want us out of iraq by an arbitrary date have to go back for another extended "fact-finding mission" to sadr city AFTER the pull out.

and without us military assistance.

if they feel it would likely to be too unsafe to do so, then it proves that they KNOW that what they're calling for - withdrawal by an arbitrary date -



and not in our interest.

Steven Ashley said...

Not to worry, the Dem's good buddy, (read co-conspirator) Ahmadinejad says he'll insure the peace once we leave. Him, Al-Qaeda and Hammas will fill the gap. Ha! Ha!