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By Seth Franzman:
A recent article by a Caucasian ignoramus entitled ‘Four young Americans on a Journey into Islam - which appeared in the Herald Tribune on Friday, August 3rd, 2007 - noted how four white Americans had taken a ‘journey’ with a professor named Akbar Ahmed to a number of Muslim states including Pakistan and Egypt to understand the other.

Jonathan Hayden (of Alabama), Hailey Woldt (a ‘blonde Texan’) and Hadia Mubarek (an American born Muslim) were among the students that Ahmed brought with him to meet with Muslims and build cultural bridges.

We are informed of the lengths the whites went to please the other.

Woldt dyed her hair brown.

“As the trip progressed she began dressing more traditionally. Reaching Jinnah’s mausoleum [in Pakistan], she realized she had forgotten a head scarf, or hijab, and refused to enter. Ahmed and some Pakistani women assured her she did not need one, but she held firm until she could borrow a scarf.”

Hadia Mubarek, who wears a head scarf in America and in Muslim countries was almost refused entrance to a university in Istanbul because she was covering her hair, something secular Turkish institutions frown upon.

All the Muslims spoke about how their role model was Mohammed.

The group made sure to meet with all the anti-western, Jihadist organizations it could including members of the Deoband madrasa.

When, after many days of meeting with the friendly Islamists, one of the Islamists named Aijaz Qasmi, finally stopped referring to them as “American barbarians” the white women, Hailey, “was moved by Qasmi’s gesture and by what it portended.”

The white woman noted that “it’s like changing the rotation of the Earth.”

The moronic author of the article noted that Ahmed’s book ‘Islam Under Siege,’ “talks about dialogue, common humanity and the need for understanding."
Its always interesting to see how Westerners, particularly Western women, always think that the only way to have understanding between cultures is for westerners to become part of the other culture, to dress like it and act like it.

The western woman on the trip never once bothered to ask why she alone, rather than her male counterparts, had to dress differently in order to please Islam and why one should change their dress just to please others’ conception of ‘morality’. Note the hypocrisy of these actions. The Muslim women, Hadia, doesn’t conform to the west by taking off her head scarf when she comes to a western country. But the white woman, Hailey, makes sure to don the headscarf and even wears it when Muslims don’t.

The Westerner rejoices at getting people to perhaps not call them ‘barbarians’ to their faces. The westerner thinks that a book entitled ‘Islam under siege’ is really a book that speaks of a ‘common humanity.’

Can anyone imagine a black student who is interested in ‘building cultural bridges’ going up and spending a weekend with the KKK at one of their retreats and being ‘overjoyed’ because the KKK members stop calling her ‘nigger’?

Oddly enough, we don’t see too many blacks doing that.

But while blacks don’t show much interest in embracing their former slave masters and colonial overlords who still hate them, the whites seem intent on always embracing any culture that hates them, especially Muslims who formerly colonized half of Europe and enslaved its people.

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nice post.

i think it's a postmodern thing and not a white/Caucasian thing - though much of white/Caucasian culture has been infected with postmodernism.