Monday, January 15, 2007


Gateway posted on a recent court case in supposedly moderate Qatar related to so-called Muslim "honor-killing":
Honor Killer in Qatar Pardoned for Strangling Sister

The young man's sentence is suspended as long as he does not commit the same crime again within three years. The Gulf Times reports:
The Qatar Appeal Court has commuted the three-year imprisonment sentence awarded to a Jordanian teenager to "one suspended year" for "strangulating his sister to death" as the upper court said there was no clinching evidence to prove that it was a case of pre-meditated murder.

The upper court’s decision means that if the convict repeated the offence within the next three years, the judgement will be carried out. The crime took place on March 25, 2005, in what is supposed to be a case of "honour killing".
As long as he does not strangle another sister, he will be a free man.
(Gateway has more - RTWT.)

Any culture which sanctifies honor-killings -- which is after all simply murdering one's own female flesh-and-blood -- is of course a culture which will allow rampant inter-tribal warfare (Hamas v Fatah, or Shia v Sunni, etc.), and it will of course promote genocide against non-believers.

Only Muslim cultures practice and permit this horrifying crime. It is simply the worst aspect of a radical MISOGYNY which pervades the contemporary Muslim world. This familial practice - and the attitudes which inform it - are the breeding ground of jihadoterror. These attitudes - and not poverty or a sense of injustice - are why the Muslims breed so many terrorists. As long as they raise male children who fervently believe they can GET AWAY WITH MURDERING THEIR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD (or wife-beating, etc), we non-Muslims will have a big problem on our hands.

This is why I believe that in addition to killing jihadists and to promoting democracy in Muslim states, we need to put pressure on Muslim states to accept and enforce the UN's Declaration of Universal Human Rights, and to extend full and equal status to women, and pressure them to: (a) ban forced marriage, and (b) ban polygamy, and (c) ban consanguineous marriage). If they fail to address these anti-humane practices they should be be expelled from the UN and banned from participation in any-and-all multi-lateral financial, international aid, and international trade groups - like UNICEF, UNESCO, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, etc.

I have previously posted several articles at this blog relating empirical evidence on the harmful nature of these pervasive practices. (Google it at this blog under "polygamy", "misogyny" and "endogamy".)

REPEAT: As long as their children are raised to accept terror within their own family, they will use certainly terror to settle all their differences with non-Muslims. And they will certainly condone genocide against infidels.

The pressure I suggest we use on this front would be non-military and diplomatic. And it would be applied universally so it would effect the entire ummah, every Muslim state, and every family. Therefore, liberals (even doves) have no reason - and therefore no excuse - not to support it fully.

I am not suggesting that this strategy be used against rogue nations for their militaristic and terroristic efforts - IOW: North Korea; Iran; and Syria. These rogue states deserve to be thrashed with the harshest means we have at our disposal - militarily if necessary. But applying this strategy to the rest of the Islamic world would separate the truly moderate Muslim states from the rogues and the phonies.

BOTTOM-LINE: We should no more tolerate the radical misogyny permitted in these nations, than tolerate SLAVERY.

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