Friday, December 22, 2006


In today's Washington Times, Rachel Ehrenfeld follows the cat back to the beginnings of Dhimmi Carter's infatuation with and obeisance to the Arab tyrants of the Middle East. It aint pretty:
Between 1976-1977, the Carter family peanut business received a bailout in the form of a $4.6 million, "poorly managed" and highly irregular loan from the National Bank of Georgia (NBG). According to a July 29, 1980 Jack Anderson expose in The Washington Post, the bank's biggest borrower was Mr. Carter, and its chairman at that time was Mr. Carter's confidant, and later his director of the Office of Management and Budget, Bert Lance. At that time, Mr. Lance's mismanagement of the NBG got him and the bank into trouble. Agha Hasan Abedi, the Pakistani founder of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), known as the bank "which would bribe God," came to Mr. Lance's rescue making him a $100,000-a-year consultant. Abedi then declared: "we would never talk about exploiting his relationship with the president." Next, he introduced Mr. Lance to Saudi billionaire Gaith Pharaon, who fronted for BCCI and the Saudi royal family. In January 1978, Abedi paid off Mr. Lance's $3.5 million debt to the NBG, and Pharaon secretly gained control over the bank.
And that was only the beginning.
When Mr. Lance introduced Mr. Carter to Abedi, the latter gave $500,000 to help the former president establish his center at Emory University. Later, Abedi contributed more than $10 million to Mr. Carter's different projects. Even after BCCI was indicted — and convicted -— for drug money laundering, Mr. Carter accepted $1.5 million from Abedi, his "good friend." A quick survey of the major contributors to the Carter Center reveals hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi and Gulf contributors. But it was BCCI that helped Mr. Carter established his center. BCCI's origins were primarily ideological. Abedi wanted the bank to reflect the supra-national Muslim credo and "the best bridge to help the world of Islam, and the best way to fight the evil influence of the Zionists." Shortly after assuming office, in March 1977, Mr. Carter made his first public statement regarding a Palestinian "homeland." Since then, he has devoted much of his time to denouncing Israel's self-defense against Palestinian terrorism, which he claims is not only "abominable oppression and persecution" of the Palestinians, but also damages U.S. interests in the region.
"Hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi and Gulf contributors."


Dhimmi Carter is a racist, an anti-Semite, and a crook. Who after taking "hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi and Gulf contributors" has the chutzpah to complain about the "Jewish lobby" and "the rejection of [his] offers to speak, for free, about the book on university campuses with high Jewish enrollment."

Common decency suggests that Carter should be required to register as an agent of foreign governments and interests: Fatah, Hamas, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


weeziejefferson said...

Doesn't George W. Bush have a much deeper and abiding love for the Saudi Prince than anyone alive?

When has Jimmy Carter EVER uttered ANYTHING even vaguely anti-semetic? Just ONE anti-semetic quote please...

(queue cricket chirping sounds)

GWPDA said...

So - you're not only actively insane, you're so out of date that the matter of Bert Lance strikes you as something new and undiscovered?


Reliapundit said...

leftie a**holes abound - whenever TAB gets a daou report link!

weezie: howe bout the tile to his last book.

and then just read dershowitz and stein et al on the book.

CWPDA: we did not post the BCCI bit because it's NEW news, but becasue it relates that jimmy's anti-Semitism is LONG HELD aas are his relationships with "THE ARAB LOBBY!" HEH!

Reliapundit said...

more here:


another prof at emory and another FOREMR friend of jimmy who says jimmy is snti-Semitic..

Punditarian said...

Dear weeziejefferson,

Whether or not President Bush has been fooled by the House of Saud is irrelevant to the point.

Dhimmi Carter's family business was rescued by Arab money funneled through one of the most corrupt banks in the world, and he has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Arab sources. He is a paid spokesman for Arab terrorists and extremists. Those are just the facts, and they are well documented in Professor Ehrenfeld's article.

As for Dhimmi Carter's anti-Semitism, I will provide some more information in a separate post -- he deserves it.

Dear gepda,

There is nothing new about Carter's corrupt involvement with BCCI. It is indeed old news. But I am willing to bet a chocolate milkshake that you in particular knew nothing about it before reading this blog today.

The point, however, is that Carter's corrupt involvement with Arab extremists goes back to the very beginnings of his national and Presidential career.

weeziejefferson said...

Um, isn't it more important that a SITTING PRESIDENT is holding hands with the Saudis than some ex-president who is wrting books about the Palestinians?

I have yet to see ONE ANTISEMETIC QUOTE of Jimmy Carter. Just ONE!!!

I rest my case. Have a good day.

Reliapundit said...

here's one asshole:

(it took me one seconmd to google and get TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LIUNKS!)

When asked whether he believed that Israel's "persecution" of Palestinians was "[e]ven worse . . . than a place like Rwanda," Carter answered, "Yes. I think -- yes."

jimmy is sayoin that israel is WORSE than the place where 750,000 were macheted and hammered to death - as Kofi Annan watched, and the french helped.

you are a sick effin leftie in denial about carter.

when anyone holds jews and israelis to different standards as EVERYONE else it is byu definition ANTI-EFFIN-SEMITIC.

Punditarian said...

Dear weeziejefferson,

Well can you name one American President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt who has not been cosy with the Saudis?

But only Dhimmi Carter has gone on to become a paid spokesman for genocidal terrorists like Yasser Arafat.

Here's an anecdote about his anti-Semitism from a 1976 Harper's Magazine profile:

Reg Murphy, who as editor of the Atlanta Constitution had kept a close eye on Carter’s rise in state politics, declared, “Jimmy Carter is one of the three or four phoniest men I ever met.”
Speechwriter Bob Shrum quit the Carter campaign after just a few weeks, disgusted with what he described as Carter’s penchant for fudging the truth. He also related that Carter, convinced the Jewish vote in the Democratic primaries would go to Senator Henry (“Scoop”) Jackson, had instructed his staff not to issue any more statements on the Middle East.
“Jackson has all the Jews anyway,” Shrum quoted Carter as saying. “We get the Christians.”
Relations between Carter and Israel were tense from the outset of the Carter presidency. Carter’s hostility was evident to Israeli foreign minister Moshe Dayan, who in his memoir Breakthrough described a July 1977 White House meeting between Carter and Israeli officials. “You are more stubborn than the Arabs, and you put obstacles on the path to peace,’’ an angry Carter scolded Dayan and his colleagues.
“Our talk,” Dayan wrote, “lasted more than an hour and was most unpleasant. President Carter...launched charge after charge against Israel.”

And here's another one:

In Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, Andrew and Leslie Cockburn revealed that during a March 1980 meeting with his senior political advisers, Carter, discussing his fading reelection prospects and his sinking approval rating in the Jewish community, snapped, “If I get back in, I’m going to [expletive] the Jews.”

And here are Dr Melvin Konner's comments from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"Carter calls the Hamas leaders men of peace, a claim that flies in the face of every known reality. He wants Israel to back down unilaterally, to believe the promises of people who are its sworn enemy. Israel withdrew from Gaza just last year, removing Jewish settlers by force. The result was relentless rocket attacks and the killing and kidnapping of Jewish soldiers within Israel.
I have read with shock and sadness Carter's biased, harmful book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid." I have watched as Carter was interviewed in the media. He told CNN's Larry King that President Bill Clinton and envoy Dennis Ross were misrepresenting their peace efforts in 2000, insisting that only he knew the truth, even though they were there and he was not.
When Soledad O'Brien of CNN, showing deep concern about the severe criticisms directed against the book, asked him how he would respond, he laughed. He has not once answered the many specific criticisms except to say, again and again, that his book is completely accurate.
He has said or hinted repeatedly that Jews control the Congress and the media, a classic anti-Semitic slur. It seems that Cuban-Americans can speak up on Cuba, Irish-Americans can support the IRA, Mexican-Americans can lobby on immigration law, but when Jewish-Americans speak our minds about Israel, we don't deserve the same constitutional protections and a former president can try to silence us."

Contrast all of that with what Dr. Martin Luther King had to say:

Shortly before his death, Dr. King had the moral courage to confront the burgeoning Jew hatred of both extreme leftwing Black organizations, including the Black Panthers and the radicalized Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, as well as the Black Muslims. For example, during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University, he stated bluntly: "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, You are talking anti-Semitism." [ from "The Socialism of Fools: The Left, the Jews and Israel" by Seymour Martin Lipset; in Encounter magazine, December 1969, p. 24. ].

Reliapundit said...

“I think if the United States won’t take that role on, then maybe the entire group of the so-called International Quartet, the United States, Russia, the United Nations, and the United — and the European Union — those four have written a road map which President Bush has endorsed enthusiastically.

And if they can implement their terms — by the way, on which the Palestinians have accepted 100 percent and the Israelis have rejected almost entirely — if the road map terms are accepted, then we can have peace in the Middle East.”

the plais have been 100% for carter and ther JOOOZE 0%.

this is false, and anti-semitic.

Sirkowski said...


Ever seen the Saudi cock planted solidly inside George W. Bush's asshole, ejaculating money by the bucket loads?


legaleagle said...

leftie a**holes abound - whenever TAB gets a daou report link!

Waaaaaaaahhhhhh! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh! God, how awful, to be exposed to something other than the knob-polishing circle jerk invariably found on rightwing blogs.

You guys just keep on humping that "Democrats-are-anti-Semitic" theme every day for the next ten years or so; maybe if you work really, really hard, you can drive Jewish support for the Democratic Party all the way down to 85% by the 2016 election.

Carter's not anti-Semitic, nor is he "anti-Israel." What he is against is the odious Occupation. Just like the vast majority of American Jews who detest the Republican Party. As always, the limits of the Right's intellectual capacity is reflected in their ability to come up with moronic new insults, like the incredibly witty "Dhimmy" Carter and this new "Jooooz" stupidity. Well, as one of the Jooooz, let me assure you I can think of no more vile an act of Jewish self-hatred, a more fundamental betrayal of Jewish values, than acknowledging an affiliation with the moral plague of Republicanism.

Punditarian said...

Sirkowski, I hope that reliapundit keeps your comment up, profanity and all, because it illustrates completely the fact that your leftism is not based on facts or on thinking, but on your own psychopathology.

Legaleagle, you are not the arbiter as to whether Dhimmi Carter is anti-Semitic or not.

And the "occupation" is not odious. From 1967-2000, the Arab economy in the West Bank & Gaza was one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing economies in the world. When the Israeli leftists --Jewish leftist dupes like you-- handed the West Bank to Arafat and his criminal cohorts, the Arab economy began its long slide into the current Palestinian civil war and chaos.

I am pleased that you think the cognomen "Dhimmi Carter" is witty.

But it is more than that.

It encapsulates his long history of anti-Semitic hate-mongering, and its use is backed up by the facts.

By the way, there are many Orthodox Jews who are perfectly comfortable with the values espoused by the GOP. It is generally the self-hating, anti-religious, anti-Judaism Jews who are more comfortable with the Dhimmi Carters, Cynthia McKinneys, Keith Ellisons, and Jim Morans of the Democrat Party.

northern seer said...

Carter sold his soul t the devil to get the presidency, and has been serving the devil ever since...thats why he did nothing when achninijad andthe rest of the iranian revolutionary guard captured the embassy...

Reliapundit said...

i think that most Jews retain their membership/ID in the dem party becasue as david brooks has shown party ,memership is inherited like one's faith, and leaving own's party is alomost as toihg as leaving one's faith/sect.

the GOP is the party of people of ALL faihts who actually PRACTICE their faith.

dems and lefties are religious in name only.

like the upper west side atheistic Jews.

who suppproted araft's return to the so called OT. i know: i was one of them!

we havbe goiven numeropus quotes of carter's which can be best explained by irrational; hatred of jews.

polss have proven that anti-Zionism and anti-semitism poverlap almpost completely. a very large poll proved this i europe earlier ion the year. google it. here ay my blog or on th web.

Dr MLK Jr was right about that.

BOTTOM-LINBE: anyone who holds Jews to a sepearate set of standards than everyone/anyone else is anti-Semitic.

ALSO: the FACT that life was better for Arabs/Mulsim under Israeli occupation is proven using UN statistics. you van google that, too.

Reliapundit said...

more here:


Punditarian said...

Here's an article which describes a carefully done scientific opinion poll in Europe:


The authors found that only a very small percentage of Europeans expressed extreme anti-Zionism.

And only a very small percentage of Europeans expressed anti-Semitism.

And you know what? It was the same small percentage.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism completely overlap.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right.

Here's a link to the original paper:


legaleagle said...

dems and lefties are religious in name only. like the upper west side atheistic Jews who suppported araft's return to the so called OT. i know: i was one of them!

Get out of here; really!! Reliapundict is a Cult Jew? I can hardly believe it!

Cult Jews are a group of rightwing religious fanatics, who - unlike the 87% of Jews who voted for the Democratic Party - are the only "real" Jews. Just like the Black Israelites from Atlanta, who - not at all coincidentally - also claim that all the Jews attending Passover Seders and Synagogue on the High Holidays are all imposters. Riiiiiggghhhttt. Kepp dreaming. Oh, and another way to smell a Republican Cult Jew: his very favorite moronic insult is the ingenious use of "Democrat" as an adjective. You can always tell you're dealing with Republicans as soon as you hear ingenious insults like "dhimmi," "Jooooz," and "Democrat."

Reliapundit, you keep on humping that Cult Jew theme as hard as you can! Maybe in about 10 years, you'll drive Jewish support for the Democratic Party all the way down to 85% by the 2016 elections.

Punditarian said...

legaleagle, The fact that 85% of Jewish voters chose the party of Keith Ellison, Jim Moran, Cynthia McKinney, Dhimmi Carter, keffiyeh-wearing Howard Dean, and John Conyers is nothing to brag about, although it does refute the slur that Jews are 15-20 IQ points smarter than the rest of us. You extol as virtues a group of fools who entrust their future to their enemies, just like the atheistic, communist Jews (e.g Bukharin and Zinoviev) who willingly allowed themselves to be show-trialed and executed by Stalin "for the good of the party."

Reliapundit said...

i know of whom i speak.

i was raised by them, lived among them, went to school with them, still work with them everyday.
they do not believe in God.

they do believe in the democrat party. and they do believe that Israel can make peace with her neighbors if only she would be nicer to them and give them what they want.

they are in denial that the VAST majority of Arabs and Muslims want only one thing: the destruction of israel.

this is not merely a sujection and untestable assertion by me based on my everyuday experiences for the last 45 years.

all polls bear this out. PEOPLE - who cote democrat are overwhelmingly non-participants in religion. they barely attend church or synagogue.

they do not pray everyday. they think that people who do are dumb - throwbacks.

if you want to see what a nation looks like that's run by atheistic socialists desiring to turn society into utopia and desirng to make their economy a workers paradise and desiring to give everyone free health care and pensions, then look at the USSR or Cuba or Zimbabwe.

these atheistic socialistic utopianistic paradises - ALL HELL ON EARTH.

as are all places ruled by fanatical islam.

socialism and radical islam are the two evil enemies of human liberty and prosperity.

we need to defeat them both.

the policies advocated by people like carter and pelosi and murtha dean and conyers et al
would make us weaker and our enemies stronger.

they would damage our economy and make us weaker.

these are facts - not feelings based on me being a "cult jews" whatever the fuck you think that means. asshole.

why don;lt you google david brooks and find his annotated essay on the hereditary factor involving party-ID.

jews have overwhelmingly dem party-ID ONLY because their GRANDPARENTS did. party affiliation is OVERWHELMINGLY INHERITED, just like one's religious sect.

therefore, it is s freakin' FACT that most jews vote dem ONLY because their parents did.

getting them to see the light is hard work.

its one of the major reasons i blog.

no get out of my saloon and don't come back!

Blackshire said...

Last I checked, Arabs are Semites too.

Reliapundit said...

arabs are semites, but NOT part of the group when the term "anti-Semitic" is used; it is and always has been EXCLUSIVELY used to refer to JEWS.

so your comment is meaningless - except that it reveals your ignorance.

Christine said...

One picture is worth a thousand words:


Two pictures are worth two thousand words:


Note Condi six steps back with her head bowed.

Who's "hate" is beholding to "Arab money?" Open your eyes people!

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