Monday, November 06, 2006


Or, as Atlas says, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Here's a list of some of the Democrat's legislative concerns this past year:
  • The Anti-Bullying Campaign Act (Nadler, D-NY) H.R. 3787. Creates a new federal grant program aimed at reducing bullying in public schools "based on any distinguishing characteristic of an individual." [No doubt federal sensitivity training classes are next for the violators.]
  • Medicare and Medicaid Programs of Incontinence Undergarments (Frank, D-MA) H.R. 1052. Makes adult diapers a covered item under Medicare and Medicaid. [Pastorius note: I'm sure Sen. Kennedy was pushing for this one]
  • Gas Stamp Act (McDermott, D-WA) H.R. 3712. Creates billions of dollars in gas stamps each year for people to get free gas, to be distributed to those already eligible for food stamps. [We're still waiting for Xbox 360 Stamps.]
  • Ex-Offenders Voting Rights Act (Rangel, D-NY) H.R. 663. Allows those convicts who are just out of prison to vote. [Democrats have a well-founded suspicion that their party would score the lion's share of the ex-prison vote.]
  • Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act (Kucinich, D-OH) H.R. 3760. Establishes a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence, as well as a Peace Day. The department would promote "human rights, international conflict prevention, nonviolent intervention, structured mediation, and peaceful conflict resolution."
  • End the War in Iraq Act (McGovern, D-MA) H.R. 4232. Defunds the War in Iraq, forcing immediate troop withdrawal. [Exactly the cut-and-run strategy that leading Democrats say they have no dream of imposing.]
  • Public Interest Lawyer Assistance Relief Act (Andrews, D-NJ) H.R. 1753. Forgives the law school debt for attorneys working for tax-exempt organizations or the government. [Why don't they just waive all tuition for self-identified liberals?]
  • Medicare for All Act (Dingell, D-MI) H.R. 4683. Increases taxes on workers and employers in order to offer to citizens or legal residents of any age Medicare benefits equivalent to the health care plans federal employees receive. [After all, socialized medicine has worked so well in Canada.]
Vote Democrat - if you want less freedom, less security, and less common sense.

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McCoy said...

"Vote Democrat - if you want less freedom, less security, and less common sense."

Now that you've essentially slandered a majority of your fellow countrymen, are you considering posting and apology, Pastorius?