Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Musharraf Agreed To Allow Waziristan To Be Independent - Why Is That?

The idea making the rounds is that he signed the agreement with the Islamic Republic of Waziristan because he could no longer govern the territory, so why not just admit it and get on with the show.

But, what if there is more to it than that? When have you ever heard of an Islamic state ceding territory without a real fight? What if Musharraf ceded Waziristan as a way of clearing it for America to go in and capture Bin Laden?

Steve Harkonen examines this interesting possibility over at Steve's Hodgepodge.


Reliapundit said...

great post pasto! maybe steve/hodgepodge is right?! i hope so!

i've been thinking something like this is the case - that we are EXPOLITING tribalsm instead of confrointing it/trying to use them/coopt them to fight for us, instead of allying themselves to jihadists.

after all, aren't we doing similar things in the sunni provnces? aren't they fghting the insurgency? wouldn't we like to coopt the shias in southern iraq, too?

to some extent dealing with fatah is like trying to coopt those clans/tribes/"pali mafia families" against the "worser" ones.

the logic of this startegy is simple: tribalism is VERY deep in these regions. (sure: it's part of what keeps them back in the 12th C!) rather than fight tribalism AND jiahdism, we are using tribalism to fight jihadism. the tribes are OLDER and their ties are stronger to each other thsan to the jihadists.

so my "FEEL" isnl;t that we are now FREE to attack waziristan, but rather that waziri tribes are now free to cooperate with us. as 90% of the sunni tribes are now doing.

whattyathink? it might be worthy of a post?

Pastorius said...

Absolutely, you should do a post on that idea.

Look at this, the Astute Blogger site doing what it does best.

All I have seen around the blogosphere on the issue of the Waziristan accord is a lot of grumbling. Here, the AB blog has two new ways of looking at the issue.


Wish I could say this one was mine, but it was Steve's.


Reliapundit said...

730AM - G-d willing