Monday, August 01, 2005

GAZA: (1) the countdown to Judenrein; (2) a comparison to Pakistan and Afghanistan

Egypt and Israel have agreed to new post-Judenrein Egyptian troop deployments along Gaza's borders. BBC: ... Egypt has agreed to police the international border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt after Israel withdraws from the territory. Some 750 Egyptian troops will patrol the border, allowing Israel to pull soldiers out of the area, scene of frequent clashes with militants. Areas along the Gaza-Israel border have been the focus of fierce fighting throughout almost five years of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. ... Palestinian Authority security forces are due to take responsibility for internal security in Gaza, but face challenges from militant groups such as Hamas. A recent independent assessment said the Palestinian forces were weak, divided and outgunned by militant groups. ... Israel will maintain control over Gaza's borders, coastline and airspace after the pullout, and could respond if Palestinian forces fail to stop attacks against nearby Israeli towns and villages.

I first blogged on the Judenrein aspect of the Gaza withdrawal plan HERE (on March 5th, 2005) and HERE (on March 23rd). I have always been skeptical of a TWO-STATE SOLUTION because it requires that a "STATE" exist in the disputed territories - something that is NOT LIKELY to ever occur - especially if jihadoterrorists (like HAMAS and Islamic Jihad and al Aksa) are permitted to stay armed.

That's why I predict that Gaza - and the West Bank - will become JUST LIKE THE TRIBAL REGIONS OF WESTERN PAKISTAN: lawless. And NO "STATE." And hardly a good neighbor. As the Taliban and al Qaeda find refuge in the "tribal/lawless regions' of western Pakistan - free to cause havoc in democratic Afghanistan - so to will a LAWLESS GAZA and LAWLESS WEST BANK continue to cause havoc to Israel. (Gazastan and Westbankistan!)

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AFGHANISTAN AND ISRAEL? At least the USA and NATO have troops on the ground HELPING TO DEFEND DEMOCRACY IN AFGHANISTAN and helping Afghanis kill the jihadoterrorists. Israel must fight the jihadoterrorisists - who are closer to Israel's population centers than the Taliban are to Afghanistan's population centers - ALL BY HERSELF - accompanied only by the constant harranguing of the hyypocrites and the anti-Semites of the world.


Pastorius said...

Hey Reliapundit,
It seems to me that if the Palestinians have complete control over their territory, then they are technically a state, even if they don't behave like one.

Therefore, if they then attack Israel, it will be undisputably an act of military agression by one state on another. This will mean that Israel will clearly be within her rights to make war on the Palestinian state.

I actually think that's Sharon's plan.

Reliapundit said...

i think that a FUNCTIONING state requires more than recognized borders; hence the term "failed state" or "rogue state".

it will be lawless, as there will be VIOLENT internal conflict as to whether there shall be sharia or not, and whether they shall continue to wage a war ofd aggression against the GOI.

i think Sharon KNEW that he had to withdraw in order to: re-establish Israle's standing as thw wronged/agreived party among the "international communtiy", and MORE IMPORTANTLY, to have much more MILITARILY defensible positions for the UPCOMING WAR - (the MASSIVE war that begins the day after israel preemptively strikes Iran's nukes).

Pastorius said...

Yes, I've been predicting that as well. However, back on the subject of the burgeoning Palestinian "state"; a "failed state," or a "rogue state" is no less a legitimate state in the eyes of the UN than is the US.

Remember Libya chaired the UN Human Rights Council. The UN considers Libya a legitimate state, and they will consider Palestine a legitimate state.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the UN will agree that, when Israel is attacked by the Palestinian "state," that it is an act of war, and no, the UN will probably not authorize Israel to retaliate, but Israel will be within their rights to do so, and they will.

We live in interesting times.

opine6 said...

Sharon has the right idea: 1.) Get all the Israeli's out of Gaza(albeit it kicking and screaming; 2.) fence Gaza in; 3.) at the first sign of aggression from the Pali's, turn Gaza into a big sheet of glass.

The UN won't like it, but so what?