Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Bush is on a PR offensive in the EU and it makes me so SICK I want to PUKE! He should be sounding more like Reagan now; instead, he's sounding more like BJ Clinton!

Reagan went to the Berlin Wall and - over the objections of most of his "realist" foreign policy advisors - he challenged Gorbachev to tear down the Wall; thereby sending a powerful message to all the dissidents in the USSR that we were on their side!

Bush - or Rice or Cheney - should be in Beirut right now, not Bratislava.

We should be UNABASHEDLY fomenting a democratic revolution there, and not "fence-mending" with the useless, morally-relativist, pinko appeasers of Old Europe!

And as far as having a "heart to heart" with Putin: NOTHING COULD BE A BIGGER WASTE OF TIME! Putin is as bad as they come: he's helping North Korea and Syria and Iran - and he probably helped Saddam smuggle out all the WMD into Syria.

Instead of talking nice to phony allies, we need to be sending UNAMBIGUOUS messages of support to the brave people of Lebanon and Iran who are ready to take to the streets to fight for their LIBERTY!

This will do more for our security - and for the liberty and prosperity of all humanity for generations to come - than all the fake sweet-talk from bad-guys like Schroder and Chirac and Putin.

And when the democratic revolutions come to Lebanon and Iran, they'll do more to undermine these obsolete, corrupt demagogues (Chirac, Putin, Schroder) than all the phony joint-pressers and so-called joint-missions (in which we end up doing all the heavy lifting, anyhow!).

I mean, lookit: fricky-dicky France is giving all of ONE (that's right 1) soldier to help NATO train Iraqi security forces. Instead of smiling and saying thanks, Bush should SPIT IN CHIRAC'S FACE AND QUIT NATO! Making Old Europe defend themselves might just make them into responsible adults - instead of the ungrateful spoiled brats they are.

SO... BUSH: WAKE UP! Stop brown-nosing Old Europe and start using the bully pulpit to agitate for democratic revolution all over the world. The only people who will curse you are tyrants and their lackeys - the Putins and the Chiracs and the Schroders and the Kim Jong Ils and the Mugabes and the Chavezes of the world - and they're ALL SCUM. Their ever-increasing hatred of you would NOT be an indication that you were a dumb bellicose cowboy; it would be a badge of honor, and a sign that you'd be doing the right thing.


Gandalin said...

Good thinking. Great post. You are absolutely right to keep the heat on the administration. Russia is up to her old tricks. But I have to think that President Bush and his team are complete naifs, and that they are moving the pieces on the global chessboard -- or "GO"-board? -- Bratislava is one front against a tyrannical Russia. From the looks of it, Bush is all over Putin like a bad rash: Lebanon is going to "go free," there's no stopping it now. A free Iraq and a free Lebanon (not to mention a free Israel) now have Syria cornered. Iran is toppling. Ukraine is free, and Russians will be following events there very closely. North Korea can only get attention by proclaiming they have a nuclear weapon, which they probably don't anyway. The tide of history is going out on tyranny everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Caught your piece on "Bush should be in Beirut" on Polipundit. One of the best posts on that part of the world I've read. To the point, and done with passion. "First rate". Thanks!

RightWriter said...

Bush created his "Lebanon presence" with the attacks on and subsequent establishment of representative governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. These actions are at least partly responsible for the willingness of the Lebanese to confront Syria. The murder of Hariri may have been the ultimate catalyst, but the presence of a new order in the Middle East has turned what would have been a protest in Lebanon, into a revolution. Bush does not want to put what would be to some an unwanted American face on the process. Unwanted and at the moment, un-needed. Any newly found freedom in that part of the world can be attributed to one guy. But we have to let the Lebanese, and others, have their own leaders and heroes too.

Anonymous said...

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