Sunday, January 16, 2005


THE OBSERVER reports on an alarming and revealing trend: French people are leaving France and emigrating to the UK in large and increasing numbers. They are leaving France's stagnant socialist economic cesspool and going to the robust and economically vital post-Thatcherite/Hayekian Great Britain.

Most revealing. After all: People vote with their wallets and feet. The emigres are telling us that they have given up on France. And - because it is reasonable to assume that those leaving are among France's most assertive entrepreneurial and independent people - the drain is SERIOUS.

The fact that these people are leaving France tells you all you need to know about where France is today, and where it is heading. When added to the (a) demise of the Church, and (b) the surge of Islamic immigration and births (and low birth rates for native French) one can't avoid the conclusion that French France is in serious decline and that the Islamification of France is nearly unavoidable.

Bertrand Delanoe - "Gay Paree's" gay Socialist mayor may soon have to put up new signs around town: "BIENVENUE A PARISTANBUL" ...

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